About me


My name is Ghislaine, I am a French scientific food lover who studied nutrition and worked on sustainability and nutritional strategies for 15 years. I have moved in California with my husband and two children in 2016, and found that I can contribute in this global thinking we all have around our plates.

I work at Stanford Dining where I oversee research projects to move students toward healthier, more sustainable foods, working closely with chefs and faculty. I am also the Research Program Manager for the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative. A group of 60 university dedicated to to move people toward healthier, more sustainable, and delicious foods using evidence-based research, education, and innovation. To learn more about my professional background, you can visit my LinkedIn account.

Cuisine, nutrition, and sustainability will be the main courses I will discuss with you here. Please have a seat, enjoy the food and don’t hesitate to throw a comment in the dish if you want to make it your way.

Bon appétit 🙂

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